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Newborn Care


Here at RPA Newborn Care, we have a highly skilled multidisciplinary team who work together to provide the best care for vulnerable babies. Our team includes:


A neonatologist is a paediatrician who has specialised in the care of the newborn. At RPA they are responsible for the medical care of the babies admitted to any of the intensive care or special care nurseries as well as the babies on the post-natal wards.

There are other senior doctors including the Neonatal Fellows. These are doctors who are in the final stages of their training. There is a team of registrars and resident doctors who also care for your baby as part of the team.

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Neonatal nurses

The largest sector of the healthcare team consists of nurses and midwives. They all have various levels of training and experience and their role is denoted by their name display. These include Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clinical Nurse Educator, Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and Enrolled Nurse.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioners are part of our medical team. They provide all aspects of neonatal care including examination, diagnosis and management. They perform all procedures and can prescribe medications.

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Allied health professionals

The medical and nursing team are also supported by allied health professionals, including physiotherapists, speech pathologists, lactation consultants, social workers and clinical psychologists.


Our physiotherapists form part of the developmental follow up team, and help with the early stages of your baby’s development, including ways of positioning and handling your baby to use their muscles in the best way.

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical psychologists form part of the developmental follow up team, providing developmental, cognitive, and educational assessments to children enrolled in the follow-up program.

Lactation consultants

A lactation consultant is a certified nurse who advises, guides and helps with breastfeeding and expressing. Our lactation consultants are committed to supporting mothers in their goal to initiate and establish a milk supply for their high risk infant. The lactation team provides support and guidance for the mothers and infants in the neonatal nurseries and also provides a referral and consultation service for the medical / nursing team seven days per week.

Social workers

The role of the social worker is to provide emotional and practical assistance for parents during this challenging time of having their newborn in hospital. The social workers can provide support for the emotional wellbeing of parents. They can liaise with hospital staff, community services and government agencies on your behalf about practical support you may require.

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Administrative staff

Our clinical teams are supported by clerical staff, ward assistants, and cleaning staff.

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