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Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group

The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group is a group for men and their partners.  The Group provides an opportunity to obtain information and support from health professionals and more importantly other men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

What are Support Groups?

Support groups let you know you are not alone.  They offer both practical and emotional support, and can be helpful at all stages of cancer.  Being part of a support group, it provides opportunities to share information, experiences and feelings with people who understand what you are going through.
Benefits of Support Groups
Support groups can be uplifting, informative and social.  Many people find that hearing about how other people are coping with cancer, helps them to deal with their own situation much more easily.
Through joining a group, you can find out about:
·     Coping with cancer diagnosis and treatment
·     Living with cancer and the changes to your everyday life
·     Practical tips to help you along the way
·     Dealing with your emotions and the emotions of your family
Meeting Dates 2018
When: 2nd monthly on Monday afternoon from 2-4pm
February 5th
April 9th
June 4th
AugustZoo Excursion on either Wednesday 1st or Thursday 2nd
October 8th
December 3rd
Venue: Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Gloucester House, Level 6 Conference Room
Cost: Free
Men and partners are all welcome
Virginia Ip
PH.: 02-9515 3652


RPAH Prostate Cancer Support Group Newsletter - Issue 18 2017