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CCPC - Inpatient Unit

The Palliative care inpatient unit is a 20- bed inpatient unit with 16 single rooms with ensuite and two shared room on the ground of Concord Hospital. Care is provided by specialist palliative care doctors, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, complementary therapists and volunteers.

Comprehensive, patient centred care is delivered with attention to symptom control and holistic, psychological and spiritual care. Staff are dedicated to supporting patients, their families and carers.

Lobby of CCPC Inpatient Unit

The Inpatient Unit is a 20-bed inpatient unit with 16 single rooms with ensuite and two shared rooms on the grounds of Concord Hospital. It provides short term stay for patients with complex Palliative Care needs.

Admission to the Inpatient Unit is offered for complex palliative care needs that require a multidisciplinary approach including:

  •     Symptom management 
  •     Psychological, social and functional concerns
  •     End of life care in the last few days to weeks of life
  •     Respite care where no alternative exists, subject to bed availability

Patients and their families have access to a TV, fridge, barbecue facility, common lounge and a garden. Families and carers are encouraged to help personalize the patient’s space, bring home cooked meals and are welcome to stay overnight. Visitors are encouraged to visit between 8am and 8pm. One visitor is welcome to stay overnight.

Patients have the opportunity to participate in research during their inpatient stay.

Bedroom of Inpatient UnitGarden outside Inpatient Unit

The Inpatient Unit is a short stay facility (on average 2 weeks) and appropriate discharge planning to home or an aged care facility may need to be arranged during admission. Patients discharged home from the Inpatient Unit are linked in with their local community palliative care service.