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Concord Hospital Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group


The Concord Hospital Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group is a group for men and their partners.  The Group provides an opportunity to obtain information and support from health professionals and more importantly other men diagnosed with prostate cancer.





The Group meets once a month and has presentations from many different health professionals on topics related to prostate cancer, its treatment and management of side effects.  These may include doctors, dieticians, physiotherapy, etc.  We also hold informal meetings where members get a chance to talk about their own concerns and issues around prostate cancer.


All sessions are facilitated by a Clinical Nurse Consultant and our Clinical Psychologist who both specialise in prostate cancer.  






 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10 -11:30 a.m.





Conference Room 2 (Opposite the Hospital Cafeteria) (but call first just in case the venue has changed for that month).





9767 5332 Beth

9767 7734 Jessica