Palliative Care Service

Volunteer Service

The Palliative Care Volunteer Service provides specially trained volunteers to support patients and their families, either in their own homes or during their stay in hospital.

Volunteers help by:

  • Providing respite for carers
  • Offering companionship
  • Reading or writing letters
  • Making cups of tea and coffee
  • Assisting at mealtimes
  • Providing help with minor practical tasks in the home

Volunteers provide a friendly, listening ear and a non-judgmental presence.  They are unpaid and give their time to provide a caring service for other people.  Despite their volunteer status, they are members of the Palliative Care Team, bound by the same professional standards of ethics and privacy.

If you are interested in either discussing the appropriateness of a volunteer becoming involved in the care of you or your family, or in becoming a volunteer phone the Palliative Care Volunteer Service Coordinator on 02 9767 5139.