Research Ethics and Governance Office



 From 22 December 2018, the RPA Research Ethics and Governance Office will transition to the new Research Ethics Governance Information System (REGIS). The Office will receive all new applications through REGIS for ALL study types and sites from this date.

Please note:

1. Applications entered through the Online Forms site (www.ethicsform.org/au) will be accepted by the office up until the 21st December 2018.

 2. Any application started in the Online Forms site (www.ethicsform.org/au) prior to 21 December, but not submitted by this date, will not be accepted by the office. The application must be re-entered in REGIS.

 3. Applications received after the 21 December 2018 will have their forms returned to them and must be re-entered through REGIS.

4. For applications submitted and/or approved on or prior to 21 December using the online forms site, researchers should continue using the current process until further notice. Data migration for studies approved/submitted prior to this date will commence from 1 March until 1 May 2019, where all applications will be administered through REGIS.

5. The office will accept SSA’s through REGIS from 1 December for studies submitted to another LHD/HREC.

Researchers are encouraged to set-up an account in REGIS https://regis.health.nsw.gov.au/ as soon as possible and should refer to the Quick Reference Guides (QRGS) https://regis.health.nsw.gov.au/how-to/ for instructions on how to create an application in the system.

If you experience technical issues, you are advised to contact the REGIS Helpdesk on 1300 073 447 or email support@f1solutions.com.au. The help desk is open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm (excluding public holidays).

Over the next few weeks the website will be updated with relevant information to better assist researchers during the transition period to ensure no unnecessary delays are experienced.

We would appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Submitting a (low or greater than low risk, excl. clinical trials) ethics proposal through REGIS, click here

Submitting a clinical trials ethics proposal through REGIS, click here

REGIS Overview (Powerpoint presentation)