Transplantation Services Disability Workforce
14 people, including JobSupport staff, Sydney Local Health District staff and Employ-My-Ability program participants gather around a table to celebrate their 10 year partnership.  Three people in the foreground are cutting a cake together. Everyone is smiling at the camera.

Our partners

Sydney Local Health District work with a number of disability employment services (DES) and organisations. This helps us widen our search for suitable qualified people with disabilities, and access resources to help everyone involved.



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JobAccess is the national hub for disability employment for people with disability, employers and service providers. It is a free service that exists to help remove barriers to disability employment. The National Disability Recruitment Coordinator (NDRC) is the JobAccess Employer Engagement service.

The NDRC works with larger employers across Australia, like Sydney Local Health District (the District), to increase disability confidence with a view to increase employment outcomes for people living with disability.

JobAccess has partnered with the District since 2016, and has provided:

  • a review of District recruitment practices from the perspective of a person with disability
  • Disability Awareness Training
  • templates for reasonable adjustment and disability inclusion action plans
  • continuing support to help the District develop and implement good practice policies.

JobAccess promotes District employment opportunities, via their vacancy distribution service, to Disability Employment Service (DES) providers throughout New South Wales.

For more information on JobAccess contact Rob Crestani on (03) 8102 8785 or visit


Jobsupport Transition (SLES) Employ-My-Ability Program

Our partners logoJobsupport Transition (SLES) Employ-My-Ability Program is a highly successful work experience program that helps school leavers with significant intellectual disability (≤IQ60) aiming to get a paid job in open employment. The program has worked with a range of departments at Concord Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Sydney Dental Hospital including Environmental Services, Food Production and Distribution, Education, Linen, Medical Records, Physiotherapy, Theatre Stores, and Volunteer Services.

An individualised program is developed according to each client's needs, goals, skills and ability. Jobsupport provides one-to-one systematic training for tasks, including all relevant quality and safety requirements.

This support is for people who have completed their Life Skills HSC (modified HSC) and is funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES).

For more information contact Alison McGlynn on 0437 331 087 or visit the Jobsupport Transition (SLES) website


WISE Employment

Our partners logo WISE started in 1992 as a not-for-profit employment agency for people with disability and inclusive employers who recognise and value diversity. WISE provides employment services under the Australian Government's Disability Employment Services (DES) and jobactive programs and their services are free to eligible job seekers and employers. Each year WISE helps thousands of  people into work, the majority of which are people who have a disability, injury or health condition.

At the heart of the WISE/District partnership is the active recruitment of people who have a disability into existing and created District roles in our hospitals, health services and related support services.

WISE delivers ongoing employment support, job coaching, mentoring, training, workplace modification and worksite visits to employees and managers/teams, helping ensure long-term job success. WISE also provides disability awareness training for District staff.

For more information contact Souzan Asfour on 03 9325 9100 or visit


Paralympic Workplace Diversity Program (PWDP) by 360HR

Our partners logoThe Paralympic Workplace Diversity Program (PWDP) is an initiative of Paralympics Australia designed to help place past and present para-athletes into employment. The partnership is for two years and can be in clinical streams or corporate services. Placements are matched to the skills, experience and career goals of each participant. A Sydney-based boutique recruitment and consulting organisation, 360 HR, has been appointed by Paralympics Australia to manage the PWDP.

Paralympic athletes are elite sportspeople - highly motivated and determined individuals who are seen as role models within the community. To achieve this status they have already demonstrated excellent qualities which are transferable to the workplace including Paralympic values.

We employ a Paralympic athlete through the Paralympic Workplace Diversity Program, demonstrating our commitment to diversity, equal employment opportunity and strengthening our position as an Employer of Choice.

For more information contact Anderson Parker, District Diversity and Inclusion Officer at, or visit the Paralympic Workplace Diversity Program website