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RPA Women and Babies Midwifery and Nursing Research Unit


The RPA Women and Babies Midwifery and Nursing Research Unit aims to improve the care and outcomes for women, their partners and infants within the context of an evidence-based ethos. The work of the Research Unit is primarily to facilitate debate, promote research, provide education and to enhance the development of best practice guidelines.


That the RPA Women and Babies Midwifery and Nursing Research Unit be recognised for excellence in research and practice development within women's health.


  • To promote best practice through the implementation and application of research to improve the care of mothers and babies in our service.
  • To build collaborative networks with the university sector and other centres of excellence in research.
  • To partner with women and their families and the community in prioritising areas of research.
  • To attract funding that will ensure the activities of the Research Unit can be sustained.


  • To provide an effective and creative channel of communication that will assist in the dissemination of knowledge.
  • To provide assistance with the professional development of midwives, nurses and students.
  • To provide support and direction for clinicians to undertake clinical research.
  • To foster the development and implementation of inter professional research projects.
  • To establish and develop consumer consultation in research and practice guideline development.
  • To assist with the preparation of articles and research papers for publication and conference presentations under the auspices of the Research Unit.

Terms of reference 2017 - 2019

  1. To provide a structure in support of the conduct of research,  the translation of research into practice and the professional development of midwives and nurses in the Women and Babies service.
  2. To liaise with the Women and Babies medical research group, the RPA and SLHD Research Committees and with Sydney Nursing School.
  3. To provide financial management and oversight.


  1. To improve clinical practice and outcomes with the use of established evidence and clinical audits for the development and updating of practice guidelines.
  2. To facilitate the professional development of clinicians within RPA Women and Babies by providing research-focused education opportunities such as conferences and seminars.
  3. To assist clinicians with the preparation and conduct of research.
  4. To assist clinicians with the development of presentations and manuscripts for publication.
  5. To initiate and facilitate collaborative research with other academic and clinical professionals or consumers.

Committee structure

Membership is open to any midwife or nurse employed in the SLHD. The committee will also include a representative from Sydney Nursing School.

In addition to the role of chairperson various functions of the committee are coordinated by a designated member of the committee although the whole of the committee participates in the designated activity. All roles are allocated to volunteers by the consensus of the committee at the final meeting of each year to take effect from the first meeting to the last meeting of the next calendar year. Terms may be set for one, two or three years also by consensus of the committee. All roles are supported by role descriptions.

Administration officer
Research program officer (optional)
Conference organising officer (optional)

The quorum for a meeting is any five members of the committee.

Meeting frequency
Monthly on the fourth Tuesday from 2 to 3pm from January to November, unless otherwise arranged.


  1. To make and review arrangements for the midwifery or perinatal conferences. These events are to focus on midwives caring for women, babies and their families in complex situations.
  2. To promote and review research by midwives and neonatal nurses in RPA Women and Babies.
  3. To review, update and implement the committee strategic plan.
  4. To promote activities of the unit.
  5. To establish the visibility and reputation of the research unit beyond RPAH.

Key performance indicators

  1. To meet as a committee not less than ten times per year.
  2. To present a conference at least every two years.
  3. To maintain an up-to-date website.
  4. To review and update terms of reference and the strategic plan at intervals of no more than three years.

Performance review
The oversight of this committee is by the Clinical Manager, Women's Health, Neonatology and Pediatrics.

Reports to
This committee reports to the Clinical Manager, Women's Health, Neonatology and Paediatrics.

Next review date
These terms will be reviewed no later than 2019.

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