Aboriginal Workforce

Our Vision

SLHD Aboriginal Workforce Action Plan 2016-2018 supports the growth of our Aboriginal workforce in order to foster a culturally sensitive work environment. The District supports flexible employment practices to maximise the opportunities for Aboriginal candidates to obtain employment within the District. This flexibility includes direct entry through our Aboriginal Workforce Consultant and hospital Human Resources Departments. Our goal is for SLHD to be an employer of choice for Aboriginal people. The Chief Executive and the Chairman of the District Board have made a long-standing commitment to encourage and support Aboriginal Workforce and have made it 'Everybody's Business' in this District.

Aboriginal Workforce Action Plan 2016-2018

Contact Aboriginal Workforce on 97675435 or your Human Resource Department today to discuss your options in fast tracked recruitment for Aboriginal candidates.

Human Resource Department Contacts:

Aboriginal Workforce
9767 5435 / 0475 968428
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
9515 5888 / 9515 9524
Concord Hospital and Concord Centre for Mental Health
9767 6259
Balmain Hospital and Aged Care and Rehabilitation
9395 2047
Canterbury Hospital
9787 0238
Sydney Dental and Oral Health Services
9293 3467