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Sarah talks about how our Canterbury Hospital's Midwives supported her through her pregnancy.

Information for Pregnant Women

Information for pregnant women

The birth of your baby is a joyous time and Canterbury Maternity Unit will continue to support you and your family during your pregnancy and birth.

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Antenatal Care

To book in to have your baby at Canterbury Hospital or to make/change an appointment please call 91532091 or 91532092

Midwifery Group Practice (MGP)
In the MGP model women are assigned their own midwife who provides continuity of care throughout pregnancy, labour and birth. The midwives work in a group of 4-6 and work on call. After the baby is born the MGP midwife will care for the woman at home until the baby is 2 weeks old. To book into this model please email: or call 0467 944 827

Canterbury Antenatal Postnatal Service (CAPS or MAPS)

In the CAPS model the woman will have a named midwife who she is able to contact directly via their mobile. The CAPS midwife will care for women at home, in the community or in the hospital for all antenatal care during business hours. After the baby is born, the CAPS midwife will care for women and babies at home until the baby is 2 weeks old. To book into this model email or Call 0467 522 064


Pregnant women can be referred to the above pregnancy care options by their GP, using the HealthLink electronic referral system or for GP practices without a compatible practice software system referral can be made through the MyHealthLink Portal or by fax, using the SLHD Fax coversheet.


Childbirth and Parenting programs

Our face to face Childbirth and Parenting programs, are being held two Saturdays per month. Childbirth and Parenting education programs cover pregnancy, labour, postnatal and breastfeeding.

We invite expectant parents to view our Canterbury Maternity virtual tour in advance of their birth at Canterbury Hospital. Please see link below. The virtual tour is also available in the following languages: Arabic, Bangla, Cantonese, Mandarin, Rohingya and Vietnamese.

Please register for your Childbirth and Parenting class with the Clerks at the Maternity reception or call 91532091 or 91532092

Please call 91532091 or 91532092 to register for your Free Breastfeeding Education Class, delivered on Teams (virtual)

Video-Tour of Canterbury Birth Unit

Video-Tour of Canterbury Birth Unit - Arabic

Video-Tour of Canterbury Birth Unit - Bangla

Video-Tour of Canterbury Birth Unit - Cantonese

Video-Tour of Canterbury Birth Unit - Mandarin

Video-Tour of Canterbury Birth Unit - Rohingya

Video-Tour of Canterbury Birth Unit - Vietnamese


If you have concerns or think you are in labour, please call the Birthing Unit on 91532134 or 91532135 or 91532136. The midwife will discuss your symptoms and give you advice on whether you should attend hospital.

When you arrive at hospital, please go to the main entrance Level 3, Thorncraft Parade, Campsie. At the entrance, there is a screening station where staff will check for risk of COVID-19. You will then be directed towards the Birthing Unit.


Most women stay in hospital for 4-24 hours after a normal birth or 48-72 hours after a caesarean section. We are working with women and their families to try and reduce the length of stay in hospital after birth. We would be grateful if you could make any arrangements necessary to support your return home.

Please talk to your midwife about visiting hours

Postnatal Resource Booklet

The SLHD offers breastfeeding support

Risks of COVID-19 in pregnancy