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Nursing Support at Home

Sydney District Nursing (SDN) provides palliative care for patients in their own home, including symptom management and medication support.  The nurses work closely with the patient’s general practitioner and specialist doctors as well as with Allied Health to ensure they are cared for with comfort and dignity.  Sydney District Nursing provides 24 hour a day support to carers and families & can source additional services for the patient as their needs change.
Community Palliative Care Nursing referrals: 1300 722 276

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SDN  partners with South Western Sydney Local Health District and Silver Chain WA in a Palliative Care Home Support Package program (PEACH).  PEACH supports SDN to provide additional palliative care support to patients and carers, fulfilling their wish to die at home and reduce avoidable terminal stage hospital admissions. PEACH is a 7 day end of life support package. SDN visits are supplemented with an Assistant in Nursing to provide personal hygiene or respite care, and an evening Registered Nurse to provide symptom support.  Overnight videoconferencing for symptom management and general support is also provided.  If you have a patient that you feel could benefit from receiving this package at home please contact the PEACH coordinator on 0425 306 707 to discuss the referral.