Research Ethics and Governance Office

Animal Research Training

Under the Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes, 2013 (8th edition), investigators must undertake education, training and competency assessment, in accordance with institutional and Animal Welfare Committee’s policies and procedures.
The SLHD Animal Welfare Committee requires that all new researchers, students, graduates, and post-graduates with minimal animal research experience complete a formal animal research training course before experimentation using animals can commence. Please refer to the information below on courses offered at various institutions.

University of Sydney
Introduction to Animal Research (ITAR): The aim of the ITAR course is to provide an overview of the ethical context of animal use in research and teaching, relevant legislation, individual responsibilities of animal users, administrative requirements at the University, and an introduction to principles of best practice in animal research and teaching.
Website: Animal Research: Welfare and Ethics (ITAR) course
Contact: animal.ethics@sydney.edu.au

University of New South Wales
Animal Care and Ethics course: This two day course provides an introduction to the ethical and scientific issues of using animals for scientific purposes as well as providing an introduction to animal handling and basic procedures in mice and rats. Other topics covered include the secure storage, handling and record keeping of therapeutic drugs as well as OHS risk management.
Website: Animal Care and Ethics Training
Contact: animalcare@unsw.edu.au