Research Ethics and Governance Office

How to Apply to the SLHD HREC

How to obtain endorsement from SLHD HREC to become an Authorised Prescriber:
Authorised Prescriber applications require review and approval by the Clinical Trials Sub-committee (CTSc) and the Ethics Review Committee before an endorsement letter will be issued.

You are required to submit the following documents by the next closing date of the Clinical Trials Scientific meeting:

Cover letter – request to become an authorised prescriber. It should include information on each of the criteria:
- The recipients: Indication and clinical justification
- The product: dosage, route/method of administration, duration of treatment, any safety data
- Details of the prescriber (s)

Scan of completed and signed Authorised Prescriber agreement (one must be submitted for each clinician wanting to become an authorised prescriber)
Information sheet and consent form for patients (A guide on how to create each can be obtained from the Research Office)
NB: If the treatment involves the use of products derived from biological tissue including human blood and plasma, additional consent is required.
Relevant literature reference(s) supporting its use (if available)
Any other information you intend to give patients (brochures, flyers etc)

Who to contact for more information:

Fiona Guan: Fiona.guan@sswahs.nsw.gov.au
Ph: 9515 7035

Sharon Falleiro: ethics-rpa@sswahs.nsw.gov.au
Ph: 9515 6766