Research Ethics and Governance Office

Research at Chris O'Brien LifeHouse

The Chris O'Brien Lifehouse at RPA (COBL) is a private organisation, ie it is not a NSW public health organisation.

The Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) that will oversee research conducted at the COBL are those established within the Sydney Local Health District, ie

                             - The SLHD Ethics Review Committee (RPAH Zone) - EC00113
                             - The SLHD Human Research Ethics Committee (CRGH) - EC00118

All ethics applications for research to be conducted at the COBL must be submitted on either the National Ethics Application Form (NEAF) or the NSW Low and Negligible Risk Research Ethics Application Form (LNR-NSW). Both can be found at www.ethicsform.org/au.

The COBL has its own research governance structure which closely follows that required by NSW Health for NSW public health organisations, ie it has its own Research Governance Officer who reviews applications to conduct research at the COBL using the Site Specific Assessment Form.

If, up until now, you have been conducting a study at the Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and you wish to continue the study at the COBL, you will need to do the following:

IF YOUR STUDY WAS APPROVED BY ONE OF THE TWO HRECs LISTED ABOVE: Submit a letter to the HREC advising of your intention to seek authorisation to conduct the study at the COBL. The name of the Principal Investigator responsible for the COBL site should be provided.

IF YOUR STUDY WAS APPROVED BY ANOTHER LEAD HREC: Submit the study's ethics documentation (ie NEAF, protocol, currently approved master information/consent form(s) and other approved study materials, ethics approval letter(s)) to one of the above HRECs for ratification of the ethics approval.

IF YOUR STUDY WAS AUTHORISED TO BE CONDUCTED AT THE SYDNEY CANCER CENTRE AT RPAH (now located at the COBL): Contact Ms Julie Charlton for advice on the management of the study.     

The COBL Research Governance Officer is Ms Julie Charlton and can be contacted at Julie.Charlton@lh.org.au