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About Us

Radiology is key to the clinical practice of medicine across a wide range of disciplines. It is the best practical way to diagnose, monitor treatment and detect progression or relapse of many important and common diseases in a minimally invasive and anatomically precise manner. As a consequence of the increasing sophistication and accuracy of clinical imaging, the utilisation and importance of radiology has increased dramatically and consistently over the last 20 years.

The main department of Radiology at Concord Hospital is a service department providing general/specialised imaging cover to the hospital. We have a dedicated booking service for outpatients and local doctor referrals.


Radiologists are trained to assist other doctors and specialists to treat their patients by making a diagnosis and providing treatment using medical imaging. Radiologists have the medical knowledge to understand and explain your medical problem or symptom through the images or pictures that are taken of various parts of the inside of your body.

Director of Radiology
Dr David Rowe

Staff Specialists
Dr G.Dunn
Dr Kate Archer
Dr R.Loneragan
Dr S.Morris
Dr Y. Ong
Dr L. Ridley
Dr N. Santangelo
Dr W.Sum
Dr I.Tan
Dr J.Yang

A/Chief Radiographer Po Cheng
Nurse Unit Manager Diane O'Neill
Office Manager Judie Peck

Supporting the above are dedicated radiology registrars, radiographers, nurses, clerical and IT staff ensuring that the clients' needs are addressed and attended to.

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