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Pain Management Centre

Our Team

RPAH Medical Team

Clinical A/Prof Timothy Brake, Head of Department
Pain Medicine and Anaesthetist
Expertise/interest: Medical Education/Simulation training; Pain Interventions
Other involvement: Learning and Development Committee of FPMANZCA; EMAC instructor
Dr Charlotte Johnstone, Director of Acute Pain Service
Specialties: Pain Medicine and Anaesthetist
Expertise/interest: Cancer pain in colorectal surgery
Other involvement: Interventional pain medicine fellowship with the World Institute of Pain; chair of the Central Clinical School Sustainability Committee at the University of Sydney; Opioid stewardship program in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Dr Amanda Johns
Specialties: Pain Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine
Expertise/interest: Cancer rehabilitation, musculoskeletal pain
Other involvement: Head of acute pain service at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse
Dr Nadine Yamen
Specialties:  Pain Medicine and Anaesthetist
Expertise/interest: Pain Intervention
Other involvement: Supervisor of Training
Dr Alix Dumitrescu
Specialties: Pain Medicine and Palliative Medicine
Expertise/interest: Cancer pain, Cancer Survivorship, Staff Well-being, Medical Education
Other involvement: Chair of Pain/Palliative Care MDT
Dr Yi-Ching Lee
Specialties: Pain Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine
Expertise/interest: Cancer pain, cancer pain intervention, perioperative pain
Other involvement: Chair of Research Committee at RPAH Pain Management Centre
Dr Candice Wallman
Specialties: Pain and Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist.
Expertise/interest: MESH related pain, Acute pain, Opioid Stewardship, functional movement based therapy.
Other involvement: Member of the Regional Organising Committee for Faculty of Pain Medicine.
Member of Statewide Opioid Stewardship Expert Advisory Group.
Dr Matthew Holton
Specialties: Psychiatrist
Expertise/interest: chronic pain, trauma
Other involvement: Liaison Psychiatry

Nursing Team

Ms Kristi Rossetto, Clinical nurse consultant
Expertise/interest:  Adult pain management, drug and alcohol
Clinical involvement:

  • Pain education program
  • Intrathecal pain pump management
  • Electronic persistent pain outcomes collaboration (ePPOC) management
  • TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) clinic
  • Clinical referral and triage
  • Complex pain, Complex cancer pain
  • Pain rounds
  • Conscious sedation for painful dressing changes

Mrs Emma Zhao, Clinical nurse specialist
Expertise/interest:  Adult pain management, cancer pain management, non-pharmacological pain intervention
Clinical involvement:

  • Pain education program
  • Pain intervention procedure support
  • Virtual Reality (VR)clinic
  • Clinical referral and triage
  • Pain clinic research activities

Allied health team

Miss Mohini Rawjee, Pain Occupational Therapist
Expertise/interest:  Adult pain management
Clinical involvement:

  • Focus on pain management to improve independence in engagement in daily activities, e.g. Personal Hygiene, Work, Leisure, spiritual participation etc
  • Use of various techniques and practical solutions to adjust participation in daily activities and education on how to build up tolerance to improve participation in daily activities

Mr Shuichi Araoka, Senior Physiotherapist 
Expertise/interest:  Adult pain management, Osteoarthritis Chronic care
Clinical involvement:

  • Pain education program
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Individual assessment and physiotherapy

Anastasia Serafimovska, Clinical Psychologist Registrar
Expertise/interest:  Adult pain management, Model of care in chronic pain, psychometric assessment
Clinical involvement:

  • Pain education program
  • Individual assessment and therapy
  • Pain clinic research activities

Admin Team

Cleo Myerscough, Group Supervisor 

Irene Koutellos, Department Secretary

Nilima Chanda, Administration Officer

Sunita Shrestha, Administration Officer