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RPAH - Pain Management Centre

Referral & Care Pathway

The following flowchart represents the typical steps that a patient will follow when attending the pain centre. For more information on each step please click on that step.

E-referral Pathway

We strongly recommend all patients be referred through the e-referral system. This is the most efficient and timely way for our centre to process the referral and avoid the delay.

E-referral will soon be mandatory in the pain management centre to optimise patient care. We appreciate your understanding during this transaction period.

We strongly recommend you to send us the e-referral via Health pathway. HealthPathways Sydney (

Specific patient group:

Urgent And Semi-Urgent Referrals

We understand some patients require more urgent care. Please contact pain CNC and /or pain fellow through pain management centre, if your patients need urgent review:

  • Cancer pain patient requiring semi-urgent attention: please contact pain CNC  
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) patients: please contact pain CNC or pain fellow

General referrals

We appreciate your patience during the waiting period. The current wait time is between 6-8 months.

Patients with compensable status

Please inform the clinic upon referral if the patient is seeking care for a condition/injury associated with compensable status. This may include injury from work, or motor vehicle accidents where patients will be accessing insurance payment. Please note these patients will not be eligible for Medicare Benefits, and the provision of incident/insurance details will facilitate the triage and management pathway.

Care Pathway

Patients may experience different care pathways in the pain management centre depending on the needs of care. Here is an overview of the care pathway in our pain management centre.


Pain Management Centre - overview of the care pathway

Abbreviation: MDT: Multidisciplinary Team Meeting; OT: Occupational Therapist; PEP: Pain Education Program; Physio: physiotherapist; STEPS: Self-Training Education in pain Service.