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Before you submit – Project Planning

Do you have a research idea?

If you have a research idea and are considering starting a research project, it is important plan ahead in order to streamline the submission and review process.  

Before you submit it is important to:

Obtain relevant training to ensure that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct the research. 

Seek support from mentors, colleagues and the Research Offices to provide insight and guide you through the process.

Consider timelines and resources, speak to your Head of Department and Heads of Support Departments to discuss any resources or services required for the study. 

Consider and discuss research outputs such as Authorship and Intellectual Property and how this would be managed, especially with collaborators. 


To help guide you through the research process, start with:

Contacting the Research Office: New researchers are encouraged to contact the Research Office to discuss their project and what is required prior to submitting their application. 

Drop-In Clinics: Did you know we have Drop-In Clinics for Ethics, Governance and Clinical Trials? You can seek advice at any stage of the research process at these Clinics, including advice on study design and how to submit.

Training and Support: Seek the appropriate training prior to starting your research. There are a suite of training and support services available for researchers within the Sydney Local Health District. E.g., REDCap and Data Management, Good Clinical Practice (GCP), REGIS training, Animal and Research Training etc. 

Forms and Templates: The Research Offices have developed a suite of Forms and Templates that are designed to include relevant sections and provide guidance on the type of information the HREC is looking for. Please note that forms and templates on the website are regularly updated. Check the website to ensure that you are using the latest templates before you submit your application. 

Pre-meeting Application Checks: Open a week before the meeting submission closing date, pre-meeting check dates are available on the same page as the Committee meeting dates.  The Research Office will perform a pre-meeting review of the application to check that all the required documents and information are in the submission.    


Submission Checklists

Access the submission checklist that is applicable to your type of research to check what documents are required:

o Greater than Low Risk or Low Risk Ethics Checklist for Non-Clinical Trials

o Clinical Trials Checklist