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Meet Mark Pittorino, a loving family man taken in the prime of his life

Mark PittorinoMark was a hard-working, successful accountant who was married with two young children. In March 2012, he began experiencing severe headaches and lethargy. A CT scan suggested brain cancer.

Within a week, Mark had surgery at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the diagnosis was confirmed. His surgery was performed in a high tech operating theatre called the "Brainsuite". The tumour that was removed was stored in the Brain Tumour Bank at the Brain and Mind Centre, Sydney University.

Mark then went on to have radiotherapy and chemotherapy and things seemed clear for a while. Seven months later, the cancer raised its ugly head again and Mark had to have more surgery. This was followed by more chemotherapy but the tumour only continued to grow. There was more surgery 5 months later. Mark's function declined as the tumour continued to progress. He was no longer able to look after himself or his family. His wife Nola nursed him at home until he died in May 2013, a mere 14 months from diagnosis.

Mark's story is typical of what happens to brain cancer patients. It often affects adults in the prime of their lives with young families.

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