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Brain Cancer Research at RPA

Why Brainstorm?

Our goal is to have a continuous flow of funds to build capacity for laboratory-based research into brain tumours at RPA Hospital. Over the first 5 years, funds will be used to purchase specific equipment such as a desk top DNA sequencer and to recruit a permanent research scientist. Building capacity like this will enable the brain tumour research program to attract additional funding from other sources with the ultimate goal of becoming self-sustaining.

Why give?

  • We have world class infrastructure for brain tumour surgery with an integrated network of surgeons and oncologists who provide dedicated care for brain cancer patients. This allows exceptional follow up of patients during the course of their disease.
  • We have established a tumour bank (operational since 2007) that holds several hundred brain tumour tissue specimens.
  • RPA has the only independent Neuropathology department in the country. Neuropathology is the backbone of any brain cancer research. It ensures that all tumours are correctly typed so that accurate diagnosis and comparisons can be made.
  • Brain tumour research at RPA has already allowed the rapid deployment of new genetic tests for the clinical assessment of brain tumours. This is an example of how RPA brain tumour research activities have near-immediate benefits for patients with brain tumours.
  • RPA works closely with Australia's oldest and most prestigious university, The University of Sydney. The Brain Cancer Research Laboratory is closely allied with both institutions, and brings together the best clinicians and scientists to work together on brain cancer.

Our challenge?

Our Brain Cancer Research Group is already in existence but is inadequately equipped and staffed. The Laboratory has recently taken up residence at the Brain and Mind Research Institute at the University of Sydney.

To use an analogy, we are trying to produce a wonderful stage production. We have the expertise, the brilliant actors, and even the audience, but don't have the stage, props and costumes and lighting.

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