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Parent Education Resources

The RPA Women and Babies Parent Education Centre offers a range of programs designed to help women, their partners and support people prepare for childbirth and parenting.

The following resources are provided to women attending Parent Education classes.

We encourage all women and support people to discuss the information further with their pregnancy caregiver / midwife if there are concerns or queries.

If you would like to speak about these parenting resources please call the RPA Parent Education Unit on 9515 5284 or email

Miscarriage information

Becoming Dad


General pregnancy resources

Iodine and folate supplements in pregnancy

Food safety during pregnancy

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Smoking and Pregnancy

Pets and pregnancy

Vaccination in pregnancy

Safety for you and your growing baby

Healthy eating and weight gain during your pregnancy

Staying active in pregnancy

Pelvic floor health in pregnancy

Mental Health and Support in pregnancy

Prenatal tests for your baby

Pregnancy screening tests for you

Labour, birth and postnatal



Newborn screening tests

Newborn Care

Child and Family Health Service

Community parenting support

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