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Research Events and Training Opportunities – for SLHD staff members only

The Clinical Research Centre at Sydney Local Health District delivers a range of training programs for researchers involved in different stages of research from basic to advanced. Courses are delivered in a mix of online and face-to-face components, a list of training programs is available

Research events and training opportunities have been curated as a resource for Sydney Local Health District staff members.  Details can be found on the SLHD Research Intranet page under the sub-menu “Upcoming Events & Training Opportunities


Human Ethics, Clinical Trials and Governance (SSA) Drop-In Clinics – for anyone wishing to submit an ethics or site-specific assessment application

The RPA and Concord Research Offices provide monthly drop-in clinics via Microsoft Teams. The sessions commence with a short 5-10 minute training presentation followed by a Q & A session for staff to seek advice on matters pertaining to ethics, clinical trials or governance authorisations.

For Drop-In Clinic dates, see:

Copies of recorded presentations and presentation slides from previous sessions are available on the SLHD Research intranet webpage:

Ethics: SLHD - Research (

Governance: SLHD - Research ( 


Data Management and Statistical Support – for SLHD staff members only

Researchers of the Sydney Local Health District, through its Clinical Research Centre, can access the expertise of a Bio-statistician and Research Data Manager to assist with research data and analysis.

Researchers can book a time to meet through the following booking system: >>BOOK HERE

For other support services please visit the research website:


Free Online - Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training (TransCelerate mutually recognised training) – for anyone conducting or involved in Clinical Trials


This link takes you to online training that is based on the updated (R2 revision) of the ICH GCP, you would have to invest about 6 hours to complete this training course.


This link offers GCP Training (1 hour) and is Transcelerate endorsed. People within SLHD have been able to use this certification for various trials and the process was free.


It's free, all you do is register an account, and you can access an online training module with a short quiz at the end. It provides the new ICH E6 R2 Revision of GCP certificate, which sponsors and CRO are asking for. You would need about an hour to complete this course.  


Animal Research Training:

Under the Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes, 2013 (8th edition), investigators must undertake education, training and competency assessment, in accordance with institutional and Animal Welfare Committee’s policies and procedures. The SLHD Animal Welfare Committee requires that all new researchers, students, graduates, and post-graduates with minimal animal research experience complete a formal animal research training course before experimentation using animals can commence. Please refer to the information below on courses offered at various institutions.

a) University of Sydney

Introduction to Animal Research (ITAR): The aim of the ITAR course is to provide an overview of the ethical context of animal use in research and teaching, relevant legislation, individual responsibilities of animal users, administrative requirements at the University, and an introduction to principles of best practice in animal research and teaching.

• University of Sydney Introduction to Animal Research (ITAR) Module 1: Fundamentals of Animal Research.

• University of Sydney Introduction to Animal Research (ITAR) Module 2: Small Laboratory Animals.

Any investigators performing invasive procedures on animals are required to complete both the ITAR Module 1 and also complete any additional modules in ITAR Module 2 which are relevant to their role, in addition to the basic modules.

Website: Animal Research: Welfare and Ethics (ITAR) course



b) University of New South Wales

Animal Care and Ethics course: This two day course provides an introduction to the ethical and scientific issues of using animals for scientific purposes as well as providing an introduction to animal handling and basic procedures in mice and rats. Other topics covered include the secure storage, handling and record keeping of therapeutic drugs as well as OHS risk management.

Website: Animal Care and Ethics Training



c) University of Adelaide

ANZCCART ComPass Animal Welfare Training course: This free online course covers the Australian Code and NZ Guide and welfare issues relating to animal use in research and teaching. Successful completion of Phase one of the course and its quiz fulfills the mandated basic training needs of researchers and teachers using animals as well as members of Animal Ethics Committees (AEC) in Australia and NZ (except AEC members in Victoria who are required to complete the Animal Welfare Victoria training).

Any investigators performing invasive procedures on animals are required to complete both

Phase 1 of the ANZCCART ComPass Animal Welfare Training course as well as the modules in

Phase 2 which are relevant to their role.

Website: ANZCCART ComPass Animal Welfare Training course