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Improved Access to IVF Services - NSW Health Initiative
The RPA Fertility Unit is participating in the NSW Health Initiative to improve IVF access for patients in a public facility.
As part of this initiative, the costs of IVF stimulation has been reduced for NSW residents. This will be effective for all stimulated cycles commencing from 1st January 2020.
There have also been some minor adjustments to other forms of treatment offered by the unit. Please refer to the About Us - Our Costs section for further information. Alternatively you can call our information line regarding these changes on 02 9515 7279.  
Appointments to the Fertility Clinic can be made by calling the RPA Women and Babies Outpatients Department on 02 9515 7101.  Please ensure that you have a valid GP referral when presenting to the clinic.
The RPA Fertility Unit will continue to offer fertility preservation treatments to patients prior to gonadotoxic therapy for no out-of-pocket costs / no gap excluding the cost of PBS medications.

Pre-IVF Investigations Rebate for NSW Residents
As public patients, most of your investigations for infertility and prior to IVF will incur no out-of-pocket costs to you. However, there are some specialised investigations which may be required and will incur an out-of-pocket cost.
As part of the Improved Access to IVF Services Initiative, the NSW government is providing a rebate of $500 for such out-of-pocket costs for NSW residents.
NSW residents can lodge a claim for the rebate from January 2020 via Service NSW. The rebate can include tests taken from 30th September 2019 onwards.
How to Claim Your Rebate
Your fertility specialist will complete an eligibility form when the investigation is ordered. This form will be given to you.
After you have completed and paid for the test, please upload the receipt and the eligibility form onto your MyServiceNSW Account.
The rebate can cover both male and female investigations but the lodgement should be made by the person who is undergoing IVF stimulation (usually the female partner).  
If you have any questions about the pre-IVF investigations rebate, please call our information line on 02 9515 7279. 

The Federal Government has announced changes to the funding by Medicare of IVF cycles.

In September 2009 changes were announced which will come into effect in January 2010. The changes introduce a cap to fees for IVF cycles which will be reimbursed through the Medicare Safety Net. However these changes will not affect RPA Fertility Unit patients as our fees fall well within the Medicare requirements.