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About Us

The Clinical Placement Unit is part of Sydney Local Health District's, Centre for Education and Workforce Development.

We offer clinical placements at hospitals and community health centres within Sydney Local Health District including RPA, Concord, Canterbury and Balmain Hospitals. Sydney Local Health District is known for being one of the largest providers of clinical placements of any public health organisation in the country.

The SLHD Clinical Placement Unit is here to help you meet the verification requirements of your degree to help you kick start your career in healthcare.

The Unit;

  1. Reviews education provider requests for clinical placements across Sydney Local Health District

  2. Completes compliance checks to ensure students and clinical facilitators are verified to attend clinical placements, as per NSW Health policy guidelines

  3. Provides training and support to district staff in the use of ClinConnect and advice on other clinical placement issues

  4. Acts as a central point of contact for district staff and education providers regarding student clinical placements

  5. Liaises with education providers and district staff to facilitate equitable access to clinical placement opportunities including work experience

  6. Monitors and reports on clinical placement demand, capacity and utilisation

  7. Implements policy directives from the NSW Ministry of Health and SLHD Executive relevant to clinical placements

Our Team:

Duane Keys

Contact Us:


All email communication with this unit requires the student to clearly identify themselves by providing their student ID number, full name and the discipline in which they are enrolled. Students must also include the front and back of their summary sheet and only provide the documents that require review.