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Professional Visits

All requests from health professionals employed in nursing or midwifery within Australia requesting to undertake a work or observational placement/visit i.e. a 'professional visit', and who are currently not enrolled in a recognised tertiary course, must contact the relevant Director of Nursing & Midwifery Services at the respective health facility to ascertain if this is possible. Other requests can be directed to the relevant Department Head of the discipline where a professional visit is sought.

Certain requirements will be required to be met prior to the 'visit' commencing. Note: if the applicant's primary employment is outside of NSW Health they will be required to meet the verification requirements which apply to all employees of NSW Health.

If the professional visit is to occur during the annual influenza season (1 June to 30 September), then the Australian influenza vaccination is highly recommended. The annual influenza vaccination is usually available from pharmacies, general practitioners and medical centres from mid-April.

For further information and to clarify what is required to be supplied prior to commencement please contact the SLHD Clinical Placement Unit