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ADF Personnel

NSW Health has advised that ADF personnel attending a work placement must provide all of the following mandatory documentation as part of their application. Email all completed documentation in pdf format to

  1. A clear National Criminal Record Check. A criminal record check can be obtained from any one of the accredited bodies that are licenced to issue criminal record checks by The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission or the NSW or Federal Police.

  2. A signed acknowledgement that the applicant has read and will abide by the NSW Health Code of Conduct

  3. A current WWCC letter issued by the RMS providing the WWCC application number. Applications are available from here

  4. Evidence of Current Professional Registration issued by AHPRA

  5. Evidence of current immunisation status with a completed vaccination card by the applicants GP as well as a completed attachment 6 and attachment 7. Ensure that the GP records the numerical value of Hepatitis B and Rubella and include all serology reports with the application documentation. To assist applicants to know how the vaccination card is to be completed, please refer to this resource which has been authored in conjunction with NSW Health to assist in this process.

    An example of how the 'Vaccination Record card for Healthcare Workers and Students' must be completed is located here.

  6. The applicant is to complete only the red section of the ADF Summary sheet

  7. The applicant is to complete and sign Schedule 2 acknowledging the requirement of patient confidentiality

  8. Provide a cover letter indicating the dates that the placement is requested to take place. As SLHD facilities host nearly 5000 health students annually, we will endeavour to assist with the dates requested. However, the LHD reserves the right to offer alternative dates dependent on the workload of the unit at that time.

  9. Also provide a set of clinical objectives to be achieved on the placement so that an appropriate education plan can be developed to assist you.

  10. Local facilities may request further documentation. The applicant will be advised if this is to occur.

If documentation is incomplete the applicant will be notified.

Once all documentation has met mandatory requirements and placement availability is confirmed, the applicant will be advised of a contact person within the respective health facility to liaise with regarding the requirements on day 1 of the commencement date (meeting place etc.).