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About Learning to Communicate

About the program
What is communication?
Early communication skills
Understanding of the world
My baby's communication development
Tips, toys, play - Things that make learning fun
About the author

Your baby is like an explorer, on a voyage of discovery.

About the program

Your baby began learning about their world from the time they were born.

By their first birthday they will have learnt all the major rules of communicating.

Learning to Communicate, was designed to help you understand how communication develops and the kinds of things you can do with your baby to encourage that development.

Here you will find videos which show examples of typical development as your baby grows and a parent handbook that you can download or print out to help prompt you along the way.

There are lots of activities that you and your family can do with your baby. You don't need to set aside special time.

Every day activities help your baby learn and promote development.


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