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It would be easy to think that your new baby does little other than sleep and feed all day, but if you watch carefully you will notice she can do many things.

Tips, toys, play
0-2 months

At this stage your baby can see 18-25cm away. Like baby Charlie, he will quickly become fascinated with your eyes because they are just the right distance away when you are feeding him.

Jessie vocalising with mum
0-2 months

There are many activities you do each day with your baby which provide ideal opportunities for you to interact with your baby.

Your baby enjoys being with you.

Your baby can look into your eyes during feeding.

Nappy changing provides you with a chance to chat with your baby.

2-4 months

Your baby is beginning to be much more responsive now. You will notice that she enjoys having conversations with you. The importance of eye con-tact is something your baby has now learnt.

0-2 months

Like Ricky, your new born baby has very little control over his body. Most of his early movements are governed by reflexes. Although his movements are quite random at first, he will begin to move his limbs more and will begin kicking.

Sarah nappy change time
0-2 months

Nappy changing provides you with a chance to chat with your baby.

Christopher 2-4 months

Like baby Christopher, your baby is now able to hold his head up for short periods as his muscles are getting stronger.

Max 2-4 months

To encourage listening, looking and touching sit your baby in a reclining chair, and introduce brightly coloured noise makers like rattles. Hold the toy close enough so he might accidently touch it.

2-4 months

Remember to talk to your baby as you bath and dry him. It is through these conversations that your baby will learn about his body parts. See here how Christopher is also learning many other skills such as taking turns and attending to the same thing at the same time.

Sarah's first bath
0-2 months

Your baby is beginning to learn about her new world through touching, tasting, smelling, feeling, listening and looking. Each day her experiences are adding to her knowledge about how the world works.

Christopher brestfeeding
2-4 months

Feeding is a special time. Your baby can feel your heart beat, the warmth of your body and can clearly see your face.



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