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10 to 12 months - This is the age of the true explorer! 

Aiden with TOP toy

At 10 months your baby is now very busy working out what makes things work. Watch him as he explores a new toy, pushing a button to see what happens next.

Sienna walking

By 12 months she may start to be more adventurous and take her first tentative steps. Remember, babies will vary in the age at which they begin walking. It can be any time from 10-18 months.

Baby brestfeeding

Feeding is still a special time to be close to each other.

Sienna searching in the pot plant

Your baby is an explorer. Your baby is becoming much more active and interacting more with her environment.

Charlie with the ball

At 10 months you will notice a big change in your baby’s motor development

Reading book

Your baby is starting to take an interest in the stories you share. Sit your baby on your lap with the book in front of both of you. Tell your baby about the picture on each page and if appropriate make noises to go with the pictures, such as “oink oink” for a pig or “brm” for a car. Wait for your baby to do something (like making a noise, pointing or chewing the book) before going to the next page. 




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