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4 to 6 months

Your baby is now more aware. She's begun to learn she can have an effect on the world around her. She is starting to be aware that she can cause things to happen through her actions. This is an important milestone in your baby's development.

Charlie on mat

Your baby's head control is more developed.

Charlie reaching for car

Your baby is beginning to reach for objects.

Charlie holding hands togather

Like Charlie, your baby is starting to discover her body. Notice how his hands are coming together.

Olive in reclining chair

Your baby will enjoy spending time in a variety of places during the day.

  • Your baby watches intently what is happening around him.
  • Bright colourful objects still attract your baby's attention.
  • Your baby is fascinated by sounds, particularly voices.
  • Your baby follows moving objects with her head, but will not search for them once they are out of sight.
  • Your baby is learning that when she makes a noise, you talk to her.



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