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About Learning to Communicate

About the program
What is communication?
Early communication skills
Understanding of the world
My baby's communication development
Tips, toys, play - Things that make learning fun
About the author

About the author

Dr Teresa Anderson
B.App Science (Speech Pathology) PhD

Dr Teresa Anderson is the Chief Executive of Sydney Local Health District, one of the leading public health services in Australia.

Dr Anderson has more than 30 years experience as a clinician and health service executive. She has a well-established reputation for implementing strategies to foster innovation and best practice, supporting collaboration and building partnerships, to provide excellent healthcare to almost 700,000 people living within Sydney Local Health District and beyond. This was recognised with the District’s eMR and eMeds program winning the Minister for Health’s Award for Innovation in 2015 and the Prime Minister’s 2016 Silver Award for Excellence in Public Sector Management. 

Dr Anderson is a Speech Pathologist, internationally recognised for her specialist knowledge and skills in the research, assessment and management of paediatric and adult dysphagia, early communication development, early childhood development and early intervention.

She continues to develop programs and services to support and improve the health and wellbeing of all people in the community.

Dr Anderson is a member of 9 Medical Research and PHN boards and is an active member of the Sydney Health Partners Governing Council and Executive Management Group, one of only four centres in Australia designated by NHMRC as an Advanced Health Research Translation Centre.

Corryn McKay - Creative Content and Communication

Corryn McKay has 20 years experience in communications.

She is a mum, passionate about early childhood development and producing beautiful resources to support parents.

Corryn is the Director of Strategic Relations and Communication for Sydney Local Health District, one of the largest public health organisations in Australia.

Through story telling, she helps the District to engage the community in new and innovative ways.

Corryn was Director of News for the Australian Radio Network and spent more than a decade writing, editing and presenting news for 2GB, 2WS and Mix 106.5 as well as training and lecturing.


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