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8 to 10 months


Your face is still very interesting to her. Notice how she examines different parts of your face. One of her favourite things is just looking at you. You will notice that she now maintains much better eye contact with you, especially when you’re both having little conversations. Remember, eye contact is one of the most important parts of communication.


Sienna crawling

Life for an 8 month old is one great adventure. Your baby is getting ready to move!

Charlie with Apple

Sitting in a chair gives your baby a very good view of what is happening

Sienna walking

Watch how baby uses you as a base to explore their world. Notice how he keeps checking that you’re there.

Sienna with toy box

Now that she is 8 months old she’s learnt that things still exist when they’re out of her sight. Watch how she searches for toys that are out of view.

Sienna with toys under rug



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