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The Department of Paediatric Dentistry is a tertiary referral centre that provides specialist dental care to children with a broad range of behavioural, medical and oral health needs.

Am I eligible?

All children and young persons (0-18 years) are eligible to be referred for paediatric specialist consultation.  However, there are restrictions on some services that can be accessed in our department (for example, treatment under general anaesthetic).

To find out who can access specialist dental care, see who we treat.

For more information on the eligibility criteria of specialist services please refer to the current NSW Health Policy.

How can I use this service?

A child or young person must be referred to our department by a dentist or medical officer to be seen for general treatment. In Emergency situations an urgent consultation can be organised by calling the Department during opening hours.

Link to referral form:

What should I bring to my first appointment?

To find out what you should bring to your appointment,click here.

How do I get there?

To plan your journey to the clinic, find the best way of getting here.

DalarinjiWhat to expect at your appointment

The First Appointment

Your first appointment will usually be a consultation appointment. The Paediatric Specialist will:

  • Discuss the patient’s medical and dental history, their oral health needs, and oral hygiene (tooth cleaning) practices.
  • Perform a comprehensive oral examination.
  • Explain options for treatment that consider the specific needs of the patient. A treatment plan will be worked out that meets the specific needs of the patient. This may include consultation with other Specialists and with the patient’s medical team.
  • Schedule further appointment(s). If the patient is anxious or has special needs, there are a range of options to help facilitate treatment. This includes nitrous oxide sedation (happy gas) or general anaesthetic (sedation).

Who will I meet at my appointment?

DalarinjiThe Department of Paediatric Dentistry is staffed by specialist consultants (Paediatric Dentists), a senior registrar (Paediatric Dentist in training), oral health therapists, dietitian, students and support staff who are all highly trained in the management of children.

Interpreter services can be arranged if required.  Services such as social work and legal advice can also be organised if required.



  • STARS pamphlet
  • Pre General Anaesthetic pamphlet
  • Post General Anaesthetic pamphlet
  • Silver Fluoride pamphlet
  • Post Extraction pamphlet