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Prosthodontics involves the use of fixed and removable dental prosthetics to restore dental appearance and function of the teeth and jaw. This may include the replacement of natural teeth with dentures, crowns, bridges, fixed implants and facial prosthetics by a Prosthodontist (Specialist Dentist).

Prosthodontists may also provide mouthguards (splints) if you grind your teeth (bruxism), or if you have a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD).

Prosthodontic treatment involves the commitment of patients for the long term success of treatment.

Am I eligible?

Please check if you are eligible for care in the public oral health service by clicking here.

For more information on the eligibility criteria of specialist services please refer to the current NSW Health Policy.

How can I use this service?

Patients must first be seen by their local community oral health clinic.  The clinic will write a referral to our department that asks us to provide the treatment you need.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

To find out what you should bring to your appointment,click here.

How do I get there?

To plan your journey to the clinic click here to find the best way of getting here.

What to expect at your appointment

The First Appointment

Your first appointment will be for a consultation.  This allows us to fully understand your problem and to talk with you about treatment.  We will also learn about your general health and your oral hygiene (tooth cleaning) which may have an effect on any treatment we may do for you. 

The prosthodontist will perform an examination of your mouth. This may involve the use of x-rays, which can be accessed through our Diagnostic Imaging Department.

An impression of your upper and lower teeth will also be taken to make a record of their appearance and how they fit when your jaws are together.

Options for treatment will be explained to you and a treatment plan will be worked out that both you and we are happy with.

Who will I meet at my appointment?

You will meet your Prosthodontist (Specialist Dentist), dental hygienist and dental assistant. Your treatment may be completed by a Prosthodontist or a Prosthodontist in training, supervised by a qualified Specialist Prosthodontist