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Transplantation Services

Social work, accommodation and fees

Social worker support

Transplant patients and their families, can access free, confidential support from an RPA Hospital social worker who can help with:

  • adjusting to living with an illness

  • understanding the transplant process

  • counselling and emotional support

  • career support

  • advising individuals of their rights

  • planning for admission and discharge

  • information and referral to community services

  • information and referral for financial assistance, such as Centrelink options

  • travel arrangements and support programs i.e Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme (IPTAAS)

  • educational resources about liver transplantation

Contact the RPA Hospital Liver Transplant Social Worker on 02 9515 9902 or ask a transplant services staff member to page them.


The hospital does not provide patient/relative accommodation on site.  If you or your family require accommodation, there are a number of accommodation options near the hospital


For Australian residents and citizens, patient costs in hospital for liver or kidney (renal) transplant admission are covered by New South Wales State Government funding. This includes any bills associated with transplant procedures, including any return to hospital admissions related to a transplant.

You will be responsible to pay for medications and any associated travel and/or accommodation costs. Please see the social worker if you need assistance.

For non-Australian residence or citizens, please contact the team to discuss your options.

Rural patients

Please refer to the RPA Hospital booklet Out of Area Support Pack A guide for patients, families and carers travelling outside of the Sydney Metro area