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Kidney research

Our Research

Renal Medicine is active in basic and clinical research in kidney disease. We are based in RPA Hospital Kidney Centre, RPA Hospital Kidney Transplantation Services, and in The Kidney Node, Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney.

Our key areas of interest include epidemiology of diabetic kidney disease, outcomes for kidney transplant recipients, clinical trials in kidney transplantation, hypertension in pregnancy and basic science of kidney disease with focus on interactions between the microbiota, innate and adaptive immune systems in mediating kidney disease.

Key Achievements

  • Continuous NHMRC Project grant funding since 2007
  • 31 peer-reviewed publications in 2018, 28 in 2019 and 29 to October 1, 2020, including NEJM, Annals, JAMA, JASN, BMJ, MJA, Transplantation, AJT.
  • Over 50 presentations including plenaries at international meetings
  • Integration of research into regular practice
  • Six current PhD students


  • Dr Tracey Ying (PhD student). Young Investigator Award, ANZSN 2018.
  • Dr Susan Wan (PhD student). Best clinical poster - TSANZ.
  • Dr Jack Heron (Advanced Trainee), Best Clinical Presentation, 2019 Australian HIV Medicine
  • Prof Steve Chadban. The BIG Idea, winner 2019.

Research Staff

  • Professor Steve Chadban
  • Associate Professor Kate Wyburn
  • Associate Professor David Gracey
  • Associate Professor Huiling Wu
  • Dr Tracey Ying
  • Dr Susan Wan
  • Dr Wen Pai
  • Ms Bree Shi

Research Coordinators

  • Ms Beatriz Habijanec
  • Ms Ellen Yeo
  • Ms Lin Lin

Publications and Presentations

Publication Details:

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