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Transplantation Services

Transplant Surgery

In Australia, liver transplants are performed as open surgery and here at RPA Hospital the operations are performed in the operating theatres. The operation is very complicated and can take between four to eight hours. Removing the old liver can be extremely difficult, particularly if you have had previous abdominal operations.

An adult liver is usually about the size of a football, and is located in the upper abdomen, just under the diaphragm. This requires a large incision that can be a long straight, an 'L' Shape or a Y shaped one.

Your old diseased liver will be removed and a new healthy looking liver is transplanted in its place. The liver is attached to a number of structures which have to be cut and rejoined. Both your own gallbladder (if you still have one), and the gallbladder attached to the transplanted liver will be removed at the time of operation. Do check with your surgeon if you have any questions.