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Patient stories

Our patients' health is the best marker of our success, and we celebrate with every story we hear.

Liver transplant stories

A young mother celebrates Mother's Day and gives thanks to her liver donor and their family.
Read Alexis Pillsbury's story in the Winter 2019 RPATI Newsletter

Young woman's life takes a new path, thanks to RPA research into drugs for patients with liver disease.
Read Brooke Hollis's story in the Winter 2016 RPATI Newsletter

Just three weeks after he was taken by air ambulance to RPA Hospital, liver transplant recipient is given a new chance at life.
Read Jim Drysdale's story in the RPATI 2012 Christmas letter

20 years after his transplant, a liver transplant recipient enjoys his new life filled with love and service to the community.
Read Geoff Jessup's story in the Winter 2018 RPATI Newsletter

Young woman makes overseas trip of her dreams after successful liver transplant.
Read Victoria Auraha's story in the Winter 2015 RPATI Newsletter

Organ donation brings light to the darkness of losing a much-loved nephew.
Read Clare Collins' story in the Winter 2016 RPATI Newsletter

A mother returns to her energetic self after a successful liver transplant.
Read Judith Hatswell's story in the Winter 2011 RPATI Newsletter

Liver transplant recipient raises money to help the RPA Hospital Transplant Institute (RPATI).
Read Elizabeth (Ann) Kolatchew's story in the Winter 2012 RPATI Newsletter

Baby receives a liver transplant and thrives as a healthy, happy toddler.
Read Rosa Vidaic's story in the Winter 2014 RPATI Newsletter

Nine-year old receives successful liver transplant.
Read Demi-Lee Brennan's story in the Winter 2016 RPATI Newsletter

Toddler receives a life-saving liver transplant and becomes a bright and happy little girl with her whole life before her.
Read the Papadakis' family story in the Winter 2016 RPATI Newsletter

Two decades after his liver transplant, Sydney father continues to celebrate life with his family.
Read Peter Phillips' story on Sydney Connect (July 2020)

Teenaged liver transplant recipient shares his life-changing story
Read Jake's story on Sydney Connect (July 2020)

Bilateral lung transplant recipient advocates for fitness efforts while on a donation waitlist
Read Adam Wells' story on Sydney Connect (August 2018)

Double liver transplant recipient wins five gold medals at World Transplant Games in South Africa
Read Michelle Daley's story in the RPATI 2013 Christmas letter

One family's tragedy became ray of hope for liver transplant recipient
Read Patrick Stakelum's story in the RPATI 2017 Christmas letter

Young woman enjoys the normal and healthy life she longed for, after receiving both a kidney transplant and a liver transplant
Read Lisa Weatherdon's story in the RPATI 2010 Christmas letter

Kidney transplant stories

One family - Two kidney transplants
Read Peter Murko's story in the Winter 2019 RPATI Newsletter

Mother and father each donate a kidney in subsequent transplants to save son
Read Edward Feist's story on Sydney Connect (July 2018)

A father donates a kidney to his daughter, giving her the chance to experience more of life's wonderful moments
Read Lucia Droguett's story in the Winter 2017 RPATI Newsletter

15 years to the day he started dialysis, kidney transplant recipient received a life-changing phone call
Read Gerard Watt's story in the RPATI 2016 Christmas letter

Musician returns to playing regular gigs after successful kidney transplant
Read Patrick Geaghan's story in the Winter 2015 RPATI Newsletter

After waiting for 10 years, a life-changing gift opens up a world of possibilities for kidney transplant recipient
Read Racha El Zahab's story in the RPATI 2014 Christmas letter

Rural patient and her father travel to Sydney for a successful kidney transplant, and a new lease of life
Read Kate Berry's story in the Winter 2013 RPATI Newsletter

An uncle changes his niece's life with his kidney donation
Read Jennifer Edward's story in the Winter 2011 RPATI Newsletter

After years of dialysis, a phone call about a kidney transplant changed a woman's life
Read Carolyn Lenthall's story in the Winter 2010 RPATI Newsletter