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Higher Degrees by Research

While there are varying options and pathways to undertaking further education, once completed there is no doubt about the associated benefits of doing so.

Certainly in establishing an academic career, it is where you learn the importance of a good research idea or question, where you can be introduced to the scientific method used to investigate and analyse that question, and perhaps where you have the first opportunity to present and publish your findings. These concepts and experiences can provide the critical tools upon which to build your initial academic skill set.

Although it is recognised that research can be undertaken along the way in your career without time dedicated to further education, it is evident that a focused commitment which comes with undertaking further education is an essential component for acquiring the basic skills needed to establish an academic career.

The IAS is a strong supporter of continuing formal education and has outlined a list of higher degrees identified as being valuable to enhancing the skills of staff interested in academic surgery. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and the Institute welcomes any staff wanting to undertake further studies to come and talk with a member of the IAS Executive team about varying educational options.

Recommended higher degrees and courses

The University of Sydney

NSW Health


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