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Surgical Research and Training

Surgical Research

RPAH - Institute of Academic Surgery

Research within surgery covers a broad range of areas and involves many processes and support structures to be implemented successfully.

The IAS aim to strengthen the capacity of surgical departments to undertake research and is working on a number of key interventions including:

  1. Identifying and documenting research being undertaken at RPA and the resources available within each surgical department.

  2. Implementing strategies to enhance research being undertaken, including enhancing access to resources, identifying and supporting key leaders in research and developing units of study and short-courses.

  3. Implementing strategies to address the identified resource needs within each surgical department including academic and research leadership, information technology infrastructure and access to laboratories and support services.

There are three types of research that can be undertaken in surgery. They are:

  1. Clinical Research - including, but not limited to, surgical outcomes and quality of life

  2. Translational Research

  3. Educational research

For more information about these types of research see here.

Please feel free to contact the IAS, for further advice regarding undertaking research in surgery.

Useful Resources

Other Associated Research Institutes:

Information for Patients

Various research programs rely on patients to be part of research studies. By participating in research, this helps healthcare staff improve their clinical knowledge and better their practice to provide the best care for you and future patients. We highly value and are grateful for our patients' participation and ongoing contribution to surgical research.

Depending on your surgery, you might be asked if you are interested in being part of a research study. All studies are voluntary and we ensure that patients identities are privacy protected.

If you have any questions about our research including involvement in a study, ethics or your rights as a participant you can contact us directly at slhd-rpaias@health.nsw.gov.au

The Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) also have information here about being a consumer, your rights and how you can assist us with providing the best care possible.

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